Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring Training with The Bachelor

So, I was watching the season finale of The Bachelor last night. (Don’t laugh. It’s the perfect show. The women can get into all the drama and relationship interaction. The men get to watch 25 girls spend a lot of time in bikinis.) Ben had a big decision to make. Lindzi or Courtney. Many times throughout the show he mentioned that he was really conflicted. He had no idea who to pick. He hoped that their one last date would give him some clarity and help with a decision. He’s not the first Bachelor, or Bachelorette, to say that during the finale. I’ve always wondered…how can that be? You have to have a favorite. There has to be someone who just tugs at you more than the others. If there isn’t, one date isn’t enough to help you. You have to have a leader in the clubhouse. And, really, Ben revealed last night that was exactly the case. He had the winner in mind…but was just hoping for a clear confirmation. Is that the way Spring Training works?

It’s been a while since the Sox have had a true competition for a job. But, they have a couple this year. The shortstop isn’t set in stone. The fourth and fifth starters are questions. The right fielder is up in the air. So, there are competitions during Spring Training. But, are the Sox really clueless? They have to have a person in mind for each one of those positions, right? They knew what they were going to do with Jose Iglesias six months ago, right? Either they know he’ll be going back for seasoning, or they know they aren’t going to pay him all that money to sit in AAA. Can they really make any other informed decision based on Spring Training games? A few at-bats against minor leaguers and college players are going to decide who starts at shortstop Opening Day? That would be baffling.

Or the pitchers. 30 innings scattered here and there are going to tell the team anything? Don’t they have to know that Bard will be the #4 and Miller the #5 months ago? They’re just looking for confirmation? Just like Ben was doing? Unless Aaron Cook throws 25 perfect innings striking out every batter, nothing he does can change his role. Right?

They have to have known the roster for months.

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