Monday, March 12, 2012

Second and Third

That’s right. Today opens yet another voting slot over at FenwayPark100. Today, voting opens for the best second and third basemen in Fenway’s history. Let’s go to the ballot.

At second base, we have Mike Andrews, Marty Barrett, Bobby Doerr, Pete Runnels, Dustin Pedroia, and Jerry Remy. Let’s see. A quick check of my media guide tells me that only Bobby Doerr resides in Cooperstown. And, he played his entire career in Fenway Park. He also has his number hanging in right field. That’s good enough for me. Dustin Pedroia is making a nice run at it. Perhaps he has a shot at the 200th anniversary team. But, this one should be Doerr running away.

At third base, we get to choose from Wade Boggs, Larry Gardner, Mike Lowell, Frank Malzone, Bill Mueller, and John Valentin. Once again, this one is an easy shot. Clearly, Bill Mueller and his batting title are the choice. Oh, right. That Boggs guy. Once again, the only Hall-of-Famer in the list makes an easy choice. You can hate him for going to the Yankees. But, you can’t hate the career he put up in Boston. A simple, obvious choice.

Not too much to discuss this time out. Two landslide victories. One by a player from the 40s, one from the 80’s. That’s a nice balance.

Go vote!

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