Thursday, March 22, 2012

Season Preview Three Hole

Who will bat third in the Red Sox line-up this year? I have no earthly idea. But, I have to pick someone. So, let’s go with Dustin Pedroia. He’s a bit too much of a slap hitter for my preference in the third spot. But, I don’t want him hitting seventh either. With Ellsbury-Crawford-Pedroia, the table should be set for the big boys almost every time they step to the plate. Not a bad top of the order at all.

There’s really nothing bad you can say about Pedroia. Sure, his personality drives me nutzo. I’m amazed that his teammates can actually stand him. But, on the field he’s a nice player. His defense is top of the class. He even has a gold glove, if that means anything. He’ll bad .300, knock 20 over the wall. Last season he had a great year. Finished near the top of the MVP voting. Not a lot more you can ask.

Going forward, you have to assume more of the same. There’s nothing to suggest he’ll be anything but the best second baseman in the game. Unless those pregame cribbage games were the key to all his power, I suppose. The Sox may have questions at several positions. Second base is not one of them.

What do I look for in numbers? Pretty standard fare:

BA: .315
R: 108
HR: 23
RBI: 102
SB: 21
OBP: .390

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