Wednesday, April 6, 2011

TTM Success!

In four short weeks, I was able to get this card returned from Red Sox pitcher Felix Doubront!

I like the picturd on this card, which is why I sent it in the first place. This is one of the few times recently where I’ve actually gotten the card I sent back signed. I love how he took advantage of the white space provided by his uniform. I also like his choice of pen. It’s a very thin line. I suppose you need to make that decision when you’re signing a name like “Doubront.” If it were a standard fat Sharpie, there wouldn’t be enough room to fit it in without flowing together. I have to admit to having a little trouble figuring out the signature. It certainly looks to start with a “D,” so maybe he just signed “Doubront.” But, there are a few too many tall and hanging letters. In “Felix Doubront, all the letters are above the line, while the sig appears to have at least one hang below. If looks like there’s a lowercase “f” in the middle. There should also only be one tall letter, the “b,” in the middle. There looks to be 2. It should end in another tall letter, but doesn’t. Anyone know if he signs something mysterious? Like Nomar starting his sig with the “A” from “Anthony?” But, it doesn’t really matter. It’s a great looking card.

Thank you Felix Doubront!


  1. He signs "Doubront Felix" for some reason. I've gotten it a couple of times, and they all have it that way.

  2. Well, I guess that explains it! Now, it's just a question of "Why?"


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