Friday, April 8, 2011

I Need the Home Opener!

I don’t really know what it is. I’ve just had a hard time getting into the season this year. I’m hoping that seeing those gleaming white uniforms will snap me out of it.

I think it’s that I’ve been waiting so long for the inevitable, that I’m growing bored with the waiting. I mean, we’ve been waiting for the World Series coronation since, when, January? Even the start of Spring Training did nothing but bring along a string of meaningless games. The start of the season? More of the same. I can’t even get all riled up about a losing streak to start the year. It just doesn’t matter. The Sox will be right there in October, and all I have to do is get there.

Frankly, it’s the same story for most of the Boston area teams. The Celtics are just passing time until the playoffs. They haven’t played an important game since game 7 against the Lakers. They’ll make the playoffs as one of the top seeds…just like we all knew in October. They’ve been resting players since February. A loss means nothing until the playoffs start. Hard to get too excited about any of it.

So, here I sit with the Red Sox. The games are on, but they’re just there. It’s just not important. It’s just a waiting game. Just like I’ve been waiting for months.

I need something to snap me out of it.


  1. You don't know what it is?? I do we can't win a freaking game. Shoot we can't even buy a win. We even tried to this year...


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