Friday, April 1, 2011

Play Ball!

So, anyone have any plans at the moment?

Has there been a more anticipated Red Sox season ever? Really. Such universal praise? Such an overall expectation of dominance? Frankly, that’s the only thing that worries me about the Sox this season. Will they fall into the Heat trap? King James and Co have the third best record in the east, and everyone thinks they’re utter failures. Will we fret over ever Red Sox loss? If they lose a homestand, will everyone assume they’re not all they were cracked up to be?

I certainly hope not. I for one intend on enjoying every game of the season. The team should be a lot of fun. They should score runs. There isn’t a starting pitcher that I would regret watching. There isn’t only one pitcher that I’m hoping to see. Every single game should be as fantastic as the one before it. What a season to look forward to.

How many steals will Jacoby have? Will it be more than Crawford? Can Lester get to 20 wins? Will Buchholz have more? Can Dice-K pitch like it’s 2008? Does JD know it’s a contract year? How many dents will Gonzalez put in the Wall? Will Ortiz have an April like his last Septembers? Will Salty emerge as the catcher everyone used to think he’d be? My goodness.

Let’s play some baseball!


  1. Best of luck!*

    *Except for the last weeks of June and October.


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