Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy 36th Carlos Castillo!

Carlos Castillo was a relief pitcher for the 2001 Red Sox. I have to admit, that’s all I know about him. Sorry.

Looking through my scorecards, I see that I attended one game in which Castillo pitched. Since I have cards from 22 games that season, I’m going to say he wasn’t used all that much by the Sox. So, how did he do during my game?

He pitched the ninth inning of the July eighth game against the Braves. He entered the game with the Sox trailing 7-0. I love the list of batters he faced. First, he got BJ Surhoff to ground out to first. Then, he got Andruw Jones to pop up to first. Jones had hit a 2-run homer earlier in the day, so it was nice to get him out. He wasn’t as lucky with the other Jones. The Braves clean-up hitter, Chipper Jones, took Castillo deep for a solo home run. Castillo regrouped to make Ken Caminiti ground out to third. So, one inning, one hit, one run. 

Castillo only lasted the one season in Boston before heading out of town. Maybe I’m having a hard time remembering Castillo since the 2001 season was one I’d just as soon forget. The Sox finished barely over .500. Jimy Williams was finally let go. Joe Kerrigan then went out and proved to be the second best manager the Sox had that year. So, I imagine I have erased all references to the 2001 season from my mind. Which is too bad.

Happy 36th Birthday Carlos Castillo!

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