Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Red Sox A-Z: Recap

Well, if you’ve been paying attention you noticed that I made it all the way through the alphabet. I have to admit, when I started the series 26 months ago, I wondered if I’d actually finish it. That’s a long time. But, it’s done, and I think it covered a wide range of topics. In case you missed any of them, here’s the complete rundown.

B is for Beckett, Josh
C is for Clark, Tony
D is for DiMaggio, Dom
F is for Fenway Park
G is for Gordon, Tom
J is for JD Drew
K is for Kapler, Gabe
L is for Lowe, Derek
N is for Nomo, Hideo
O is for Ortiz, David
T is for Ted Williams
X is for xylography
Z is for Zupcic, Bob

What to do next? Why numbers, of course. So I’m sure you won’t want to miss “Red Sox 1-36.” Come back next month and see how it starts.

I’m sure you’d be coming back a lot sooner than next month anyway.

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