Monday, March 28, 2011

Drafted Again!

Last night I had my second and final fantasy draft of the year. It might be the best one yet. This is a league I’ve been in for quite some time. It’s a standard 5x5 league, with big rosters. This year, we only had ten teams, and I had the 9th pick. Let’s get right to the team!

C Joe Mauer
1B Adrian Gonzalez
2B Brandon Phillips
3B Mark Reynolds
SS Alexei Ramirez
CI Adam Lind
MI Juan Uribe
OF Carl Crawford
OF Colby Rasmus
OF Carlos Quentin
OF JD Drew
U David Ortiz
U Jason Kubel
U Nyjer Morgan

SP Jon Lester
SP Josh Johnson
SP Clay Buchholz
RP Jonathan Papelbon
RP Francisco Cordero
P Craig Kimbrel
P Kevin Gregg
P Daniel Bard
BN Josh Beckett
BN John Lackey
BN Tim Stauffer
BN Daisuke Matsuzaka
BN Bronson Arroyo

Pretty snazzy, right? The first four selections were Crawford-Gonzalez-Lester- Mauer. I think it was a nice start. I even managed to get the Red Sox without over picking them. Well, maybe Clay and Drew. But, much better than normally. I love the rotation. The five Red Sox starters offer a nice mix of wins, K’s, and comps. The NL aces may not get the wins (although Arroyo had 17 last year) but their percentages should help out a lot. I have 3.5 closers, which is my all-time high. Bard is there for strikeouts and low comps. The offense is lacking in steals a bit. Especially now that Morgan is a back up in Milwaukee. Once I got Crawford, I knew I was safe for a bit and sort of forgot about them. The power guys are spread out a bit, so it’s hard to realize it’s there. But, nine guys had 20 HR last year, and three had 30. Some of the batting averages are lower than I’d like, but Mauer should help with that. Overall, I’m pleased. I’ll have to replace Morgan obviously. I’m not sure what to do with Dice and Arroyo. I like having them, but that’s a lot of pitchers. I’ll be well over my innings limit unless I do a game of only starting them when they face weak teams, or something like that. Probably not a lot of trade value from my last two picks though. I’d like a bench hitter, preferably a catcher eligible non-catcher.

There’s room to play. I can’t wait for the season to start.

Go Red Sox!

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