Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Card of the Week: 2007 Topps Ted Williams #TW28

These cards were inserts from the 2007 Topps packs. I believe they may have been Target exclusives, but I don’t feel like confirming that fact. While they are interesting cards, I’m not a big fan.

First, the good points. It’s a set made exclusively of Ted Williams. That’s a check in my book. It’s a Topps card, which is another plus. I also like how the set is built. It chronicles Ted’s historic 1941 season where he became the last batter to hit .400 in a season. It contains one card for each series the Sox played that year. The front of the card displays Ted’s average for the season to that point. It’s nice to see the progression of his average as the season goes along. How low did it get? How high did it get? How high was it late in the year?

The problem? It’s the same card every time. The only differences between card #27 and #28 are the average, the game dates, and results. It’s the same black and white photo. It’s the same information on the top. So, if you have a complete set in a binder it looks pretty repetitive. There have been a lot of sets and subsets lately that have done that. All the cards are the same, except for the number of doubles. I think it’s just lazy.

So, if I’m just talking about this card, it’s a great card. As far as the set? It’s pretty disappointing.

Even if it’s all about Ted.

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  1. Thanks for posting this. I have a clear sealed pack of six of these that I've never opened. Now that I know they all look the same I'll probably keep them that way, although it looks like the backs have different information on them so ...


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