Thursday, March 17, 2011

Got Another One!

Yesterday I got one more semi-response from a TTM request. This one came from Red Sox DH David Ortiz. On the plus side, it was a response. On the minus side, it wasn’t a signature. Let’s see what Ortiz was kind enough to send along.

Yes. It’s another picture/form letter combo. I’ll continue to say that I prefer these to no response at all. But, I’ll also continue to say that I hope this isn’t becoming team policy. It’s also still nice that at least the letter is customized to the player. Although, I would expect an actual letter from Ortiz would have an f-bomb or two in it. But, it’s a nice note. It explains that he’s busy, but appreciates me. It also gives me a couple other locations to find out things about him on the web. The really interesting part is where he encourages me to keep writing to him. If he’s already getting so much mail that he can’t handle it, it’s odd for him to request even more. But, I guess he just wants to hear from his fans. One great thing is that he also returned the card and SASE I sent him. So, not only am I not out the card, but I have a SASE all ready to go for my next request. Sometimes it’s the little things.

So, I thank David Ortiz for figuring out a way to make his fans as happy as he can. He owes me nothing, after all. So, it’s nice to see whatever effort he can put forth.

Thank you David Ortiz!


  1. the sig on the letter is a copy?

  2. Yeah. In person it's pretty obvious it's a scan or something.


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