Sunday, February 20, 2011

He Did it Again!

I’m really starting to feel bad now. Once again, I received a surprise package from Adam over at Thoughts and Sox. Once again the shipment contained stacks of cards that I needed from my wantlist. Once again, I can only offer a humble thank you for this amazing generosity. Once again, I beg you to visit Adam’s page and see if you can knock some cards off of his list. It will be well worth your effort. Let’s check out a paltry sample of what Adam sent my way.

Ahh, the curse of the team set collector. Sometimes, you just need to get a hold of a 1996 Stadium Club card of Luis Alicea. Really, there’s no other reason to have that card in any collection. The ’95 TSC Mo Vaughn is a great looking card. The thing I always loved about mo is how imposing he looked at the plate. He would sort of crouch over and start out at the pitcher daring him to throw a strike. I’m guessing this card didn’t help the pitchers out any. I sure wouldn’t want to throw him anything to hit.

I’m going to admit that I have no idea what the Derek Lowe card is. A know that Adam was nice enough to include copies of several players. The fine print mentions Upper Deck, Victory, and 2003. So, I’m going to guess they were from the 2003 UD Victory set, and were an insert “meant” to be used as a card game. Anyone know for sure? The other Derek Lowe is much easier to decipher. God bless fleer when it comes to figuring out the brand of a card. Right there in the corner it tells me this is part of the 2003 Fleer Focus Jersey Edition set. I can’t say that I was a big fan of all the flash Fleer was putting on their cards for a while there. But, I’m glad to add this card.

Then comes a couple card of Pig Papi. Once again, I have no clue what the UD card is. Some sort of Flyball subset meant to be used on the internet. A little help? Once again, I know the Fleer one is from the 2006 set. It’s a nice looking card too. A nice crisp shot of Ortiz ready to pounce.

Two more cards that only a Sox collector would want. A Collector’s Choice you might say. Joe Hesketh, I’m sure, doesn’t top many collectors’ wish lists. The 1995 Pinnacle Aaron Sele suffers the same fate. Thanks to the fine people at Pinnacle for telling me right on the front all I need to know about the card. And, finally, one last Mo Vaughn card. Again, a little too much sizzle on the design that steak. But, It’s a great card of Mo looking at why a pitcher shouldn’t have thrown him that strike.

So, thanks again to Adam and his supreme generosity. Please visit his site and see if you can help him out.

Thanks Thoughts and Sox!


  1. I was trying to get rid of some Sox doubles before I sold them as bulk commons. The UD cards are not inserts from UD Victory it is an actual 2003 UD Victory card. not sure about the Ortiz. I just call it a Flyball but I haven't seen a list of them anywhere and I already packed away my Standard Catalog. Glad you liked them. Took a shot in the dark on the Fleer and UD cards since they were not on your list but I didn't need them so I figured why not use them to round out your package.

    My and a friend were talking about Mo Vaughn the other day and we both decided that we NEVER saw him smile. Not on a card not on TV never. He must be the unhappiest guy ever.

  2. I heard a funny story about Mo the other day. Someone I work with went to a srping training game in the early 90s. Not sure what year but Clemens came in the 3rd inning and pitched. They were playing the White Sox and Bo Jackson hit a ball off Clemens that went all the way to the wall. Jackson was limping and only made it to 1st. My friend says that while Clemens was on the mound during the next pitch, Bo pants Mo Vaugn from behind at first,and Mo chased him into the outfield where they wrestled around for awhile. Don't know how true it is but it would have been funny to see.

  3. That was awful nice of him but you should have labeled that blog: "Once, Again."

  4. You need any Tom Burgmeier, Jeff Newmans or Skip Lockwoods? I think I have doubles.


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