Saturday, February 12, 2011

Card of the Week: 1991 Topps #530

This card is so corny it’s fantastic. The 1991 Topps set is well known for having great photography, both in action and posed shots. You have to wonder whet went through the photographer’s mind when he thought of the shot. Sitting in Fenway wondering where to put Clemens. Scanning the field as he looked out at the wall. Suddenly, his eyes focus on the words “Strike Out.” That’s it!

The composition of this card is great too. Obviously, the horizontal format is a must. It allows for the length of the scoreboard to be captured. I also like how the border is less obtrusive. It doesn’t scream at you like, say, the 2008 version. It simply frames the picture and lets it do its own talking. It’s another card I wouldn’t mind having an 8x10 of hanging on my wall.

You know, if it wasn’t a Roger Clemens card.


  1. Ahh, 1991 Topps. My brother and I split a case to try and get lucky with a randomly-inserted card. We actually got one, but it was a journeyman from the 1963 set.

    I have about a dozen of the Clemens card, stockpiled in the quest for the Mickey Mantle freebie.

  2. You might be the only person I've heard of actually getting one of those reissues.

  3. Ditto the last 2 sentences of the post.

    I have a few of these Clemens', and the color of The Wall varies greatly from card to card as I recall.

    I guess it was pretty smart to use the Strike and the Out from the scoreboard to get Strike Out.


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