Monday, February 21, 2011

Card of the Week: 2006 Topps #135

It’s Spring Training Time!

For the Red Sox and their fans, that means new players in new uniforms wearing new numbers on their backs. For the card companies, that means deciding how to show these new players on their cards. That was the problem facing Topps concerning Josh Backett. Josh joined the Sox during the offseason, so there were no pictures of him in a Sox uniform. They decided the way to fix the problem was to photoshop a new uniform onto him. Not a bad idea. They actually did a really good job with it. Honestly, I didn’t even notice it until I was looking at the card in order to write this up. It’s a Red shirt, which is odd…but it’s nicely done. The problem with it? The number 21 on his back. Now, Josh wore number 21 while he was in Florida, so it wasn’t a terrible reach for Topps to simply carry on the same number. After all, nobody on the Red Sox wore the number 21 in 2005. But, a quick call to anybody who was even remotely a Red Sox fan would have told Topps that there was no way on earth that Beckett would get that number. Oh well.

Otherwise, it’s actually a nice card. I like the banner at the bottom. Much like the 2011 cards, it allows some of the picture to sneak out underneath. I like that, for some reason. It’s a great shot of Josh in his delivery, ready to fire another strike. A great looking card.

If it weren’t for that number.

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