Friday, February 4, 2011

Card of the Week: 2008 Topps Update and Highlights #UH14

With Colon’s recent signing with the bad guys, this card seems to be appropriate this week. This is really a sharp card. Sure, it would be nice if it weren’t a Spring Training picture. But, the Blue shirt actually works with the color scheme of the team name. It’s a great action photo, nicely cropped. The determination on Colon’s face is just what you’d expect from such a talented pitcher. I always thought the 2008 Topps design was a little campy with the bubble letters. The Red Sox name is just the right length, though, so it works better than the other teams. “Reds” is too short, and looks hidden. Longer names look crammed. So, at least Red Sox collectors have that advantage.

Of course, Colon didn’t really pan out for the Red Sox in 2008. He was hurt and rehabbing for much of the year. Then, he simply disappeared. It would have been nice to get more out of him.

Here’s hoping for a repeat performance in the Bronx.

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