Thursday, July 22, 2010

Trading with a Night Owl

Not too long ago, the fine author of Night Owl Cards posted a map on his blog. It showed all the states where he had sent trade packages. It was quite an impressive total, as he had colored most of the states in. I noticed, though, that my state was left blank. This looked like a challenge if I’d ever seen one. Night Owl is a Dodgers fan, which is perfect. I had many Dodgers cards that I had no use for. I quickly contacted him, and said I was willing to send him a package so he could add another state. Of course, since the states were colored in when a trade was made, he’d have to come up with something to make it legal. The “something” arrived the other day. It was quite a package.

There are a couple cards that stand out for me. The Bill Bucker is a great one. It is from the 1984 Topps Traded set. So, this was the card that resulted from Buckner coming to Boston. Two years later…game six. I also like the Eckersley card in the middle. Since Eck was such a great reliever, it’s hard to remember him not being a Hall-of-Fame closer. But, here he is on the Sox, before they shipped him off. The Gedman card is a nice one too. In 1984, the Donruss brands were a little harder to come by so I don’t have many in my collection. It’s always great to add another. In just this scan, there are three cards of Hall-of-Famers. That’s a nice package.
So, thank you Night Owl! If anyone has any Dodgers cards to trade, check out his site.

Your state may be blank on his map too.

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  1. Thanks for filling in the map. I think getting a trader from Mississippi or Idaho will be as difficult as completing my '08 Heritage set.


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