Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Not too long ago on the radio, the hosts were discussing old t-shirts. They were trying to decide who had the most outdated slogan on a t-shirt. It made me wonder…what’s the most outdated Red Sox shirt I have? Right away, I came up with two contenders. Since I can’t decide which is more out of date, I figured I’d share both of them with you.

The first one is titled “Red Sox Triple Threat” and proudly displays pictures of the players the Red Sox would use to win their games. Which three did they pick? Wade Boggs, Roger Clemens, and Phil Plantier. The disturbing part is that it was Plantier that made me buy the shirt. I saw it from across the store, and instantly recognized that squatting batting stance. Really, at the time that wasn’t a bad trio. Boggs was a future Hall-of-Famer. Clemens was at the top of the league as a pitcher. Plantier was clearly an up and coming superstar. Since then? Boggs became a Yankee and rode a horse. Clemens jilted the Sox to move closer to Texas (you know, by moving north), and became a cheating disgrace to the game. Plantier was shipped off to the west coast in short order, and never came close to his projections. But, they were still a Triple Threat.

The other shirt I thought of I have worn more recently, so it probably should be the winner. It clearly states that the Red Sox fans should Believe. After all the Red Sox are armed and dangerous at Fenway Park. This would lead us to have 1993 pennant fever! Wait. 1993? Pennant fever? Let’s look at the records. The Sox finished 1993 at 80-82. Not exactly the record of a contender. In fact, the Sox finished in fifth place in the AL east, 23 games behind the leader. Yup. 23 games. So how did anyone think there should be pennant fever? Well around the all-star break that year the Sox went on a bit of a winning streak. The made up a few games rather quickly. Everyone had dreams of “Morgan Magic II” and got a little bit more excited than they should have. Cue the t-shirts.

So, those are my entries for most outdated Red Sox t-shirt. Does anyone else have any even better? Feel free to share your most outdated t-shirt with us. (keeping it PG would be nice) If you e-mail me a picture of you wearing the shirt, I’ll be sure to include it in a later post. And, for you non-Red Sox fans, you can play along too. What the most outdated t-shirt you have related to your favorite team?
How sad does it get?


  1. I've pretty much saved every T-shirt I've ever had. One year I went through and videotaped each one, that way I could get rid of them but still have a record of them. But I STILL kept them. I've got a lot of Sox ones--will have to think about some of really odd ones.

    I also grew up a Jets fan, and one I can think of that I took a lot of guff for within a couple years of getting it was my Blair Thomas shirt.

  2. I love the fact that you went through the effort to videotape them, but still couldn't get rid of them. It's at that point it starts to be a disease, right?

  3. Ha, my mother still has a Phil Plantier shirt (without the other 2 on it) that my brother outgrew and handed down. I thought that was the only one out there!


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