Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Stars, Stars, and More Stars

I had asked someone not too long ago what the record was for most former all-stars on the DL with one team at once. It looks like I have to amend that question to what the record is for most current all-stars from one team on the DL at once. The Red Sox currently have three players slated to be in the all-star game in a week on the DL. That’s just an amazing number. Some teams don’t have three selections. The Sox have that many that they can’t use. Oh, and they have the second most wins in the majors.

I’ve discussed before my solution to the all-star selection process. This year, my solution would be especially relevant for one reason. It would have Stephen Strasburg on the all-star team. Does he deserve to be there? Under the current selection process, probably not. We could go back and forth on that for a while. But, in my solution he would be on the team, and not take away a slot from a more deserving player. It would be perfect. It’s the best way to reward deserving players, and let the fans see whichever players they want to see.

As for the Red Sox selections, not a bad group of players. Pedroia and Martinez were probably locks. It’s too bad that neither will be participating. It was nice to see Clay Buchholz get the nod. As someone who has stated that he should be in the bullpen, it’s still nice to see him rewarded for his fine start. Adrian Beltre was another easy choice. He’s been carrying the Red Sox all season. Jon Lester is well deserving as well. As the acting ace of the staff, he’s done all the Sox could ask for in the first half. As for the final member of the Red Sox party…raise your hand if you would have predicted it two months ago. Nobody? David Ortiz came back from nowhere to put together one heck of a first half. If you’re looking for reasons why the Sox have stayed near the top despite the injuries, he’s a big one. What a great thing to see.

Sox left off? Hopefully the Youkilis issue will be corrected on its own. It’s interesting that the clean-up hitter on one of the best teams in baseball needs to duke it out with Nick Swisher in a fan vote. Oh well. The Papelbon omission was surprising as well. Not that I’m going to argue he deserved a spot. But, I would have expected his name to be enough to get him in. Personally, I wouldn’t have a relief pitcher anywhere near the all-star game. But, that’s another story. Frankly, the way they use the pitchers during the games these days, it will be all relievers on the roster pretty soon. None of the teams will want their starters messing with their schedule to throw a couple innings…even if it “counts.” Pretty soon, all the starting pitchers will just ask out of the game, and you’ll have ten relievers on the roster. They’ll all go the inning they’re used to going, and everyone will be happy.

Well, maybe not everyone.


  1. I voted for Youkilis and Votto (25 votes each) for the two last slots on the all-star team. I went strictly by stats not by roster needs or who I like personally.

    As for injuries, it seems every season injuries are the biggest unknown that shapes who wins the divisions.

    It also seems to me that most often the manager of the year is a guy who had to deal with tons of injuries but still somehow saw his team to the playoffs.

    The Red Sox are having some awful injury luck.

  2. So, does that mean that this is the year Francona actually gets credit when the Sox make the playoffs?


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