Wednesday, March 24, 2010

List of 36: Best Red Sox Outfielders of the Past 36 years

1. Manny Ramirez

2. Carl Yastrzemski

3. Jim Rice

4. Dwight Evans

5. Rickey Henderson

6. Mike Greenwell

7. Andre Dawson

8. Fred Lynn

9. Tony Conigliaro

10. Jason Bay

11. Tom Brunansky

12. Trot Nixon

13. Troy O’Leary

14. JD Drew

15. Johnny Damon

16. Bernie Carbo

17. Jose Canseco

18. Ellis Burks

19. Tony Armas

20. Don Baylor

21. Tommy Harper

22. Jacoby Ellsbury

23. Dave Henderson

24. Carl Everett

25. Coco Crisp

26. Phil Plantier

27. Kevin Romine

28. Willie McGee

29. Dante Bichette

30. Darren Lewis

31. Gabe Kapler

32. Otis Nixon

33. Orlando Merced

34. Dave Roberts

35. Mark Whiten

36. Wes Chamberlain



  1. Orlando Merced didn't even have a hit with us... so I take it this is best outfielders "who at one time played for the Red Sox"? But then shouldn't Willie McGee be way above Kevin Romine? Lists make my head explode:)

  2. Adam_the_Yankee_FanMarch 24, 2010 at 11:30 AM

    Big Problems with this list. If you are talking best outfielder in his career that happened to set foot in the Sox outfield Rickey has to go first over Manny and any other.

    If the list is best career as a Sox outfielder you cannot have Bay as high after only 1.5 years and there is no way on the planet you should have Damon under Drew.

    If the list is best year as a SOx outfielder than MVP Lynn should be much higher, as with Damon, and Rickey should be near the bottom.

    What were you getting at anyway? I agree with Jere.

  3. Hey, it's my list. :)

    It's best Red Sox outfielders, as a Red Sox, with special consideration to career accomplishments. So, Rickey can't beat out players with real Red Sox careers, but can squeek by just about everyone else. Feel free to offer your own lists.


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