Friday, March 12, 2010

Becoming Manny By: Jean Rhodes and Shawn Boburg

This book is an authorized biography of former Red Sox slugger,
and future Hall-of-Famer, Manny Ramirez. It follows his journey from the early years in the Dominican Republic, through high school in NYC, and onto his baseball career. It explores the factors in his life that made Manny be Manny. In an interesting twist for a sports biography, one of the authors is a psychology professor. So, the book really is more about the man that Manny is, as opposed to the player. It goes between the perception and the performance. It’s a unique insight into a great player.

The enjoyment of this book depends a lot on how you view psychology, and how you viewed Manny before you read the book. I just finished reading this book, so I got it pretty late in the game. I remember the EEIdiots discussing the book when it was first released. They categorized it as a book of excuses for why Manny behaved the way he did. That touches a bit on the “excuse vs. reason” question I’ve posed. Are the events from his childhood an excuse for his behavior, or are they simply why he behaves the way he does. I enjoyed this book. It was able to put me into the shoes of a superstar growing up playing baseball. I was able to imagine how the events in his life would have changed what became of my life. What would I do, if I had Manny’s life? It was fascinating, and I wish the same book were written about many other players. It was a book that any fan should read, whether you live in Mannywood, or are sick of Manny being Manny. Read the book, and see what it says to you.

Rating: 4 bases

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