Friday, August 14, 2009

Team Sets: 1991 Upper Deck Team Set

Players Included: Larry Anderson, Marty Barrett, Mike Boddicker, Tom Bolton, Wade Boggs, Tom Brunansky, Ellis Burks, Roger Clemens, John Dopson, Dwight Evans, Wes Gardner, Jeff Gray, Mike Greenwell, Greg A. Harris, Dana Kiecker, Mike Marshall, Rob Murphy, Tim Naehring, Tony Pena, Carlos Quintana, Jeff Reardon, Jody Reed, Luis Rivera, Mike Greenwell (CL)

Best Picture: Marty Barrett. A great action shot. Barrett is applying the tag to a potential base stealer. Closer inspection reveals the base runner to be none other than Rickey Henderson. The best part of the shot is that the 1991 UD cards also had a picture on the back. In this case, it’s the continuation of the same play, as Barrett looks to the ump for the call. A little research may be able to find if it was a stolen base, or not. Until then, however, we’re left guessing at the outcome.

Hall of Famers: Wade Boggs

Future Hall of Famers: Roger Clemens

Reason the buy the set: When the set came out, the Phil Plantier was the star attraction. Upper Deck was one of the best versions of Plantier’s rookie card, so prospectors would have hoarded this card during the season. Today, Hall-of-Famer Wade Boggs and legendary Roger Clemens would drive any value the set may contain. With just the two true baseball stars, this set would have more appeal to a Sox fan.

Overall Reaction: The design of the 1991 Upper Decks is a bit stale. In its third year, Upper deck had produced three sets with a line going along the border. While some thought it made the three sets look like baselines (the ’89 stripe was on the right, the ’90 was along the top, ’91 along the left), I think it’s just boring. The quality of the cards and photography was very high, one of the top sets in that area. Upper Deck was really pushing the envelope in those days. It makes for a nice little set.

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