Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Now, That’s a Team Player

You have to give Kevin Youkilis a lot of credit. He saw the writing on the wall. He knew that there were five players for four positions, and that put Francona in a tough spot. He could see that his captain could be losing some playing time to the new guy, and that just wouldn’t do. So, Youk took it upon himself to foolishly charge the mound last night so he could get suspended. And, just to make sure it really helped, he threw his helmet at the pitcher on the way to add a few more games. Now Francona’s off the hook. He’s left with four guys and four positions. It’s almost too easy.

The Sox did a couple things wrong during the brawl last night, which need attention. First, Youkilis threw his helmet too early. If you’re going to carry that thing all the way out to the mound, wait until you’re in range to let it fly. For proper technique in throwing your helmet at a pitcher, Youk needs to look up “Martinez, Pedro.”

The other person who needs some classes is Jon Lester. Quickly scanning the pile, I glimpsed him right in the middle of it trying to keep the peace. Someone needs to tell him that isn’t his job. If he wants to be a staff ace, he needs to know that there’s a special role for him during any bench clearer. His job is not to go anywhere near the pile. His job is to find David Ortiz and stand directly behind him. If he’d like he can point and yell from there. But he’s never to leave Ortiz. Come to think of it, if he’s looking for proper technique, he should also look up “Martinez, Pedro.”

One person who should not research Pedro Martinez today is Josh Beckett. I can’t imagine that the game would start tonight without warnings being issued to both benches. If a batter is hit, it could lead to immediate ejections. Pedro wouldn’t care. If a guy needed dotting, he got it. Beckett, however, needs to care. The Sox need his seven innings tonight more than Youkilis needs vindication. I usually love that Beckett has the attitude, let’s just hope it’s under control.

I wonder if the fight was a good thing for the Sox. They probably had a lot of pent-up energy raging inside them. With the Ortiz garbage, and the Bronx slip-up the team was probably wound to the breaking point. I nice release might just be what they need. It certainly seemed to help Bay and Lowell.

How would you like to be that Lambert guy from the Tigers? He grew up in Manchester, NH…I can only assume as a Sox fan. Probably dreamed of the day he would pitch at Fenway Park. He’s sitting in the ‘pen taking it all in. Suddenly, there’s a brawl and he has to race in from the outfield. Once it settles, he goes back to the bullpen, only to be told he’s in the game. He has to trot out and start to warm up. Even though he’d get all the time he wants…you know it’s human nature to rush a bit with everyone watching you. So, he’s not quite warm. His blood is rushing from just being in the brawl. His knees are knocking from finally being on the mound at Fenway. All he has to do is face Jason Bay. I think I’d throw up right there on the mound. Was there any possible result other than a three-run homer?

Can this fight be 2004 all over again?

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  1. Adam_the_Yankee_FanAugust 13, 2009 at 10:02 AM

    I still cannot beleive that Youk got pulled down by the scrawny pitcher. I listened to the radio broadcast and they said that Youk pulled him down. If you watch the video that is complete bunk. Youk charged and Porcello stepped aside, grapped his shirt, and pushed him on the ground. He was on the bottom of the scrum. I also think the whole throwing the helmet thing is sad. Be a man and go up there swinging, or at least tackle him hockey style. He throws the helmet like a girl, and then gets pulled to the ground by a guy that weighs at least 50 lbs less than him. If you are going to get thrown out, you may as well do it with style like that karate kid in the Sox farm system a few years ago. As far as mound charges go I would give him a 4. I will give him the speed factor. Most guys do not have that much time to get at the pitcher. Notice Youk does not have the balls to after Joba. Youk is a big baby, like so many other spoiled brats in this sport.


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