Friday, August 28, 2009


Last weekend, I was able to go to the Sox-Yankees game on Saturday. It's always nice to pick the winner in a series like that. As usual, I kept score at the game, and thought I'd share the card with you.

Right away, we can see two things. Kevin Youkilis had a great day. His line might as well have been filled right in. Second, Jacoby Ellsbury had an awful one. Jason Varitek didn't do any favors with his two K's. But, an 0-5 at the top of the order would have killed many teams. It's amazing that the Sox scored 14 with that performance.

Anyone else have a favorite scorecard to share? (Especially if it's one of mine)


  1. I love the custom scorecard - what a great idea!

  2. I was having so much trouble with store bought ones. They always had 12 line up spots, but only 9 innings. Or, only one spot for a sub, or three pitchers...etc. I decided I had to get my own format to allow for extra innings, pinch runners, defensive replacememnts, and lefthanded specialists.


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