Thursday, November 9, 2017

Walking the Plank

A few months ago, I realized that I had a lot of Pirates cards floating around. I absolutely hate having cards I don't need when I assume there are people out there who will enjoy them. I'm sure you're aware by now that I only keep non-star non-Red Sox cards ten years. Then, I cast them aside. I was never able to find a Pittsburgh fan resting spot. So, I needed to do something with these extra Pirates. 

I decided to walk the plank. Bob Walk The Plank, that is. I reached out to Matt, and he graciously accepted my unwanted cards. One man's trash...sort of thing, right? To read about the cards I sent him, check out his post. (Oh, and stick around a bit and read some of his other stuff. You won't be disappointed. I can wait.)

I was pleasantly surprised when he decided to send some cards my way. The ever-exciting bubble mailer arrived ay my door, and I tore into it.

Matt started with a sticky note affixed on the card stack saying he hoped I liked the cards. Peeling back the sticky note revealed this.

Oh, he "hoped" I'd like a Pedro relic! Yeah, there's a pretty good chance I like a Pedro relic!

Oh, whoops. My mistake. There's a pretty good chance that I'll like a Pedro relic numbered to 250! Basically, the package could have ended there, and it would have been a rousing success.

But, of course, he didn't end there!

Yup. He also decided to complete my 1975 Topps Red Sox team set. Two more Hall of Famers!

The package then ended on the Wright foot (sorry) with this amazing blue scribble autograph. Hopefully this guy returns to form next season.

So, thank you Matt for a fantastic package! Since the 2018 sets will be coming out soon, I should have a stack of 2008 Pirates looking for a home in the near future.

Thanks again!


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