Monday, April 24, 2017

What’s the Matter with Dustin Pedroia?

I mean. I always knew he was selfish, but this seems out there even for him.

In case you missed it, and I’m not sure how you could have, Manny Machado took Pedroia out of the game on Saturday by sliding hard into second base with spikes flying high. His slide took him over the bag, and drove his spikes into Pedroa’s knee on the far side where Pedroia was awaiting the throw. Pedroa had to leave the game, and ended up missing the next game as well.

Of course, MLB has added rules recently specifically to protect fielders turning the double play at second base. So, people immediately suggested that Machado, a well-known dirty player, should be called out, and the Sox should be credited for the double play they didn’t end up getting because of the injury. They also called for Machado to be punished. Maybe with suspension, or at least by getting plunked.

Pedroia, of course, made it all about him. First, he suggested that he didn’t even know what the rule was for a slide at second base. He just goes out and plays. Boy, what a tough player he must be. He later said that the rule was only put in place to protect players with bad footwork, so that didn’t apply to him anyway. So, he apparently does know what the rule is after all. But, wanted to take another chance to pump his own ego.

That’s not even the worst part. The Red Sox did end up throwing at Machado, just like Buck Showalter said they should. Now, they went a little high at Machado’s head, which is never a good thing. But, no harm came of it. How did Pedroia react to his teammate sticking up for him? By immediately showing him up by explaining on the field, that he didn’t agree with the move. He then said after the game that he didn’t want Machado thrown at. He texted Machado after to reiterate that it wasn’t his idea to throw at him. It was his teammate.

Boy, what a team leader.

That’s what everyone keeps talking about, right? His team leadership? His clubhouse presence? So, either he kept telling everyone not to do something, and they ignored their great team leader or he did want Machado hit, but threw his teammates under the bus once it happened.

Which guy is the leader in the clubhouse that you’re looking for?

If he really didn’t want Machado thrown at, why wouldn’t he keep his mouth shut? Why can’t he just support his teammates? An answer like “I didn’t ask him to do it, but nice to know he has my back” would be perfectly fine. Would that answer not call enough attention to Pedroia? Would that make someone else look like the real leader?

How selfish can a guy get?

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