Thursday, March 17, 2016

It’s Easy to be Green

This time of year, you see a lot of green while you’re walking around. Everyone wants you to get ready for St. Patrick’s Day and have as much green as you can muster. Green signs. Green hats. Green pants. Green sports shirts.

It’s that last one that always interested me. If you walk by a sporting goods store in March, they’ll have jerseys and shirts of your favorite teams…but colored green. It seems like a reasonable idea. Sports fans need something green to wear today too. But, it always seemed a little strange to me that the Bruins or Red Sox would bother with the green jerseys. If you’re a sports fan in Boston, isn’t there an easier choice?

The Celtics?

Sure, if you’re in Pittsburgh where all your teams have black and gold as their color scheme, a green jersey might be fun. Having a green Penguins jersey is your only chance to promote sports and the holiday. But that’s not the case in Boston.

I always wondered why the other teams didn’t just concede the day. It’s too obvious to let the Celtics have this one day, so why even bother.

Now, one answer is that it’s a league wide thing. Maybe the NHL has a deal for every team to sell green jerseys. They don’t put thought into what makes sense in each individual market. They just give the contract out for every team, and let it roll.

Or, maybe people are actually that loyal to one team. As a Red Sox fan first and foremost, am I supposed to pretend the Celtics don’t exist? Am I supposed to get the green Red Sox jersey to stay true? Can I wear a green Red Sox jersey in July? 

Or, is it just about variety? Maybe you’ll just feel like wearing a green Bergeron or Ramirez jersey today, and not want feel forced to take out Marcus Smart.  

So, do any of you have a green Boston sports team jersey to wear today other than the Celtics? Do you have one that you wear today instead of the Celtics? Do you wear it any day other than today?

How do you go green?

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