Monday, March 28, 2016

From the Pedro Binder

1999 HoloGrFx

Which one screams "'90s insert!" more, the crazy colors, or the lack of vowels in the brand name?

Honestly this is the type of card that makes me question the whole baseball card hobby. 

What exactly does it mean to collect cards? Is it because you want to have a picture of your favorite players as a remembrance of their season? Does this qualify? It's a flashy background with a cut-out of Pedro stuck on it. 

Oh, sure. I suppose you could say it's just a modern version of 1954 Topps. Instead of a solid color background, though, they kept up with the times and made it foil.

I don't say that though.

It just says "pointless" to me. What was the need for this set? What does it bring to the table that the other 36 million sets issued in 1999 didn't? Foil? Colors? Nope.

So, even though it really has most things I look for in a card, I just can't stand it. I look past the name, and the team name, and even Pedro's number. I just can't get past the uselessness of it all. 

It pains me that it's in the binder.

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