Saturday, December 12, 2015

Winter Meetings

Baseball's winter meetings ended up this week, and they were an exciting time as always. Sure, the Red Sox biggest splash came before they started. But, it was still a time of moving and shaking as the Sox made smaller adjustments. It's fun to see which players are going where, and which are coming here, and which are sticking around.

Those groups of players are perfect illustrated by a trade package I received from The Phillies Room recently. As is the annual tradition, I sent Jim my ten year old Phillies cards before they headed to the trash along with the rest of my 2006 cards. This year, I was also able to include some cards that his son, Doug, needed for a couple of his sets. So, the return package was a wonderful collection of contributions from the both of them. That's when I noticed that the cards perfectly displayed those groups of players that winter meetings are all about.

Some players you know aren't going anywhere.

Since Ortiz has said that this is his last year, the chances of him retiring as a Red Sox I'd say are, around, 100%.

Some players aren't going anywhere because they're the future of the team. Betts and Bogaerts are as close to untouchable as any player should be. They'll be stars for the Sox for at least another four years. Swihart could be moved. After all, the Sox have another young catcher. But, he'd take a pretty good deal to get it done.

Some players I'd like to see moved.

Frankly, I'm amazed Holt is still around. A young all-star that the Sox don't actually have a spot for? He should have been offered to every team, and moved somehow. Unless, of course, the Sox can find a sucker to take Pedroia. Then the Sox can play Holt at second. I'm actually glad they held onto Koji. But, I hope they at least looked into what they could get for an established closer...even an older one. With Kimbrel making Koji his set-up guy, I wonder if the Sox could make a swap.

Of course, to make moves, some players need to leave.

Whether it's fan favorites or World Series winners like these guys, or short timers like Wade Miley, seeing a player leave is always a little bittersweet.

But, the goal, as always is to win yet another World Series!

This cup is from Jim and Doug's trip to Fenway. Amazingly, it's a cup version that I didn't have before. So, it was very appreciated.

Of course, when you think of Red Sox World Series wins...

This one is the pinnacle. A great card celebrating the curse busting 2004 team, and its MVP. Ordinarily, a card like this would headline the package. But, since I included cards for Doug, he sent back the best "hit" in the package.

Look at that! An autographed minor league card of Doug himself! This definitely goes to the top of the heap, and is very much appreciated. Nice to see that his number matches that of the great Ted Williams. Wonderful choice.

So, another huge thank you to Jim, and especially Doug, for this fantastic package. It was a great way to celebrate Winter Meeting week in style!

Oh, and Happy Belated Birthday to Doug!

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  1. Glad you liked everything! I have it good authority that the print run on Doug's Diamondbacks card is only 20 . . . truly a rare find.


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