Wednesday, December 23, 2015

From the Pedro Binder

2000 Fleer Ultra

I’m not an art critic. There’s a reason for that. My mind doesn’t really work that way. Sure, I know what I like. I’ve even tried to checklist the things I really look for in a card. But, sometimes, for some reason, some cards don’t fit. Like trying to figure out why one Monet looks better than another. They’re both of a haystack. They’re both splotchy. But, one just looks better than the other. A real critic probably knows exactly why. Something about the light leading the eye to the implied verticality, or something like that. But, I don’t do that. Sometimes it’s just not something I can put a finger on.

Take this card. I should love it. If I made a literal checklist, I’d be checking most everything off. Full bleed photo? Check. Name/team/position? Check. Small brand logo? Check. Everything tucked out of the way? Check. Action photo? Check.

But, for some reason it doesn’t call to me. 

I could make some guesses. I don’t like Pedro’s face. His arm looks a little weird with the way the slit in his jersey falls. Maybe the blurry background is a little too obvious. 

I don’t really know.

Whatever it is, I don’t love this card. I should. I really should. But I don’t.

Do you?

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