Monday, April 13, 2015

I'm Not Here to Talk About the Past

(At least today)

And that's good. That means I don't have to talk about whatever it is that happened last night in New York. (If you really need to read about last night, I'm just guessing that it's being covered pretty well on the BYBHub. Just guessing.

I'd much rather talk about today. After all, it's the Home Opener today! It's the last tick mark on the way to baseball season. Today the Red Sox get to play in front of Section 36 wearing their home whites. It's our first chance to see just how Hanley will be able to handle the Wall. Can this Porcello guy pitch in Fenway? Can Shane still cover that massive right field?

All those questions start to be answered this afternoon.

Of course, here at the blog, the home opener is important for another reason.


I have to admit, the long cold winter has been rough on the picture backlog here at Section 36. So, it's exciting to know that a fresh source of submissions is coming soon. Lots of people will be at Red Sox game again, taking pictures. Hopefully they all  be sending them over here to share on the blog. Pictures like these beauties...

Pix in Section 36. People, just like Brian here, will be flooding Section 36 today, and at least 80 more times this year. That's a lot of opportunity to snap a great picture.

Pix with Section 36 I like these submissions a lot since there's quite a bit of variety in them. I also appreciate the extra thought it takes to make sure Section 36 is in the shot. Like this one from Meghan. Here she was celebrating a great trip, and she got Section 36 in the picture, Great job.

Rather be in 36 pix. Now, I certainly can appreciate that not everyone can get to Fenway for one reason, or another. That's why this category came to be. To allow those people to still be part of the fun. Now, if I appreciate the extra effort to take a pic with Section 36 behind you, I'm downright humbled by this category of pics. The fact that people remember to take the time and make up a "I'd Rather be in Section 36" sign is amazing to me. That they remember to bring it with them for a pic is just incredible. Take Christina here. She;s enjoying the sun in Florida, but remember to make a very nice sign. It's decorated, and even included a hashtag. Then she brought it along with her for this great picture. How can you not love that effort?

Then there's people like the wonderful Bernadette. She was vacationing in Mexico and didn't have a sign with her. Understandable. But, she still wanted to express her fondness for the best Section in Fenway. So, she did what she could. I think it worked out fantastically, how about you?

So, as you can see, the baseball season certainly brings new opportunities. For the Red Sox certainly. They can start the home season off on the right foot with a big win today.

For all of you. The home opener brings new opportunities to take some amazing pictures.

For this blog. I can't wait to see what I hope will be a rush of new submissions. I can't wait to share them here, and on the facebook pg, so that everyone can see them.

It's starts today!

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