Monday, April 27, 2015

Alex Rodriguez Live

With Alex Rodrigues in the news lately as he chases down Willie Mays and his 660 career home runs, I wondered. How did ARod do in games I’ve attended? Well, actually, I guess it would be games I’ve attended so far. After all, I might get to see him play again at some point.

I figured his career would be an interesting one. He’s been playing for a while, and I’ve had the chance to see him play for three different teams. It should make for an interesting cross section.

So, how did he do?

About as well as you’d expect a player who regularly took PEDs to do.

I got to see ARod play in twelve games. (Again, I scored twelve games he played in. I might have seen him in a couple I didn’t score for one reason or another.) Those games led to 40 at-bats.

In those 40 at-bats, he had thirteen hits, leading to a robust 0.325 batting average. Of those thirteen hits, three of them cleared the wall. That gives him a 0.650 slugging percentage. Yikes. He reached base at a 0.460 clip while I was in the stands. Do the math, and you have a guy with a 1.110 OPS. Yup. He did well while I was around.

In fact, extrapolate those numbers out for a full season of 660 AB, and you’re looking at an MVP caliber season. And then some. His slash line would be .325/50/116. He would have scored 231 runs in this mythical season. I suppose on the plus side, he would strike out 264 times while “only” walking 165 times.

Maybe he should pay to have me travel with him. I seem to bring him good luck.


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  1. A-Rod's numbers are eerily similar to the numbers against Red Sox starters this year. Seems like there's one good start in every turn through the rotation. There's only one "I'm the ace" shirt and apparently it's used just once every five starts. Hopefully it's just a laundry issue and not that this rotation stinks right now (hint: they stink right now).


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