Monday, March 9, 2015

From the Pedro Binder

2000 Victory Big Play Makers

OK. What exactly is this thing?

I like inserts. Actually, I like subsets a little bit more. But, I like the variety inserts add to a pack. I don’t really care if they’re seeded at a rate different that other cards, or not. But, I like the variety.

I do, however, feel that if you’re going to create an insert (or sub) set, that you should have a reason for it. I know that the reason for every insert set is “to get more cards of stars into packs.” But, you don’t need to be obvious about it. “Mound Stars” or “Super Sluggers” at least implies that there’s some thought behind it. Heck, even “League Leaders” implies that there’s a reason for a card to be there.

But, “Big Play Makers”? Seriously?

Could there be a less thoughtful insert set? Why not just call it “Cards of players we thought you’d spend money to get.” (Although, wouldn’t that be an incredible honest inset set?)

Beyond that, what’s with the yellow? And, while I know to know what team Pedro plays for by looking at the card, I really don’t need to see it six times. I’m also confused by the UD Profile on the bottom of the card. What is that supposed to be? While I agree that Pedro is the “King of the Hill”, it seems a bit out of place.

I do like the large head shot of Pedro. The Action shot isn’t a terrible idea either. Sort of gives it a “1956 Topps” feel to it.

I said “sort of.”

Because, obviously, this is not a 1956 Topps card. This is some monstrosity put out by Upper Deck.

No wonder they lost their license. 

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