Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Shirt on My Back

I was recently contacted by Dress United with an offer of a custom t-shirt to review on the blog. I have off
 and on thought that it might be fun to have an official Section 36 t-shirt. This seemed like a good opportunity to see how it might all work out. So I gladly accepted.

The first step was to go onto Dress United’s website. From there, it was practically impossible not to get right started. The home page had easy to find places to select the type of t-shirt I wanted. Then, it was on to the customization.

Customizing was almost foolproof. There was a large visual preview of the shirt so that I could see my progress. The website made sure I kept my design in an appropriate location on the shirt. I was originally concerned that in my desire to get the text as big as I could, I’d end up having it run right around the side of the shirt. The site made sure that this wasn’t possible. The text could be changed to different sizes, fonts, and colors with a click of a mouse. In addition to the text, I could have added a graphic. The site has several to choose from, and had the option of importing your own. If you want, there’s a feature to add a name and number to the back of the shirt, to make it look like a jersey tee. This feature wasn’t quite ready for the website yet, but was apparently only a phone call away.

I really like the fact that you could have the cost of the shirt displayed as you make it. I could see as soon as I did it that adding text to the back was an added cost, and decide if it was worth it or not. I wouldn’t get to the end, have an expensive shirt, and just scrap the whole thing. I can make informed decisions as I go along.

You can save your design, so I can go back and reorder, or revisit the design. If I decide I want another one (or if any of you do…) I don’t need to reinvent the wheel. I can just click on the link they sent me to get right back to where I was.

The site offers a few grades of unisex t-shirts, and I went with the high-end version. (They also offer women's t-shirt styles, sweatshirts, and hoodies.)  I was very happy with the quality of shirt that got me. The text on the front was slightly smaller than I envisioned. But, looking back I realize I got what I asked for. I wasn’t accounting for the depth of the model on the shirt in the preview. Just something to keep in mind.

Overall, I was very pleased with the whole process. The ordering was a snap, and I think I got a great final product. I’m looking forward to wearing the shirt as often as I can. I will certainly go back to this website if I want shirts in the future.

I suggest you check them out for yourself!

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