Saturday, April 6, 2013

Collecting the Sox: Mugs

When I was growing up, one of my neighbors had a great mug collection. He hung them from pegs on his kitchen wall. There were probably 30 of them, and I always thought they were neat to look at. Thinking back, I can’t remember what kinds of mugs they were. I don’t remember if they were souvenir mugs declaring, “I got boned at the Natural History Museum” or if they were simply colorful mugs used for a display. Which probably brings up a question as to whether it was a collection, or not. You wouldn’t say you have a collection of dishes, right? You just have a service for eight. People collect spoons, but not flatware. Maybe it’s a case of where and how they are kept. Mugs displayed on a shelf in the den are a collection. Mugs kept in a kitchen cabinet are just what you drink your coffee out of.

Does anyone still drink coffee out of a coffee mug?

In any event, mugs are a nice collectable for Red Sox fans. The best part is the size. They don’t take up a lot of room on a shelf, or hanging on a wall. They can be scattered about to bring a little bit of the Red Sox wherever you need it. You can even use them for other displays. If you have a bunch of Red Sox pens, stick them in a Red Sox coffee mug. That would look great sitting on your desk.

I also like the variety you can find in mugs. They come in slightly different shapes and sizes. They certainly come it different colors and patterns. You can also find them most anywhere. So, it’s a nice thing to have from different places you’ve been…like the Natural History Museum, or PNC Park. And, they’re functional. I know I just said that it blurs the line of collecting, but you can certainly use your Red Sox mugs. If you have a bunch of them, you can cycle though them day by day, or week by week. It makes for a very obvious way to enjoy your collection all the time.

Which is really the point of any collection. 


  1. I have the mug on the top in your picture. I use mine to hold my pens on my desk though because I hate coffee.

  2. My Uncle who lives in New Hampshire has like 20 Redsox cups and 5 Nugs its ridiculous. Hes lucky i'm not a Redsox hater lol. Love the blog btw i'm followng check my blog out Join the site if you see what you like.


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