Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Who’s the Bigger EEIdiot?

Sometimes, it’s just hard to know for sure.

Yesterday, a couple radio hosts were talking about a poll question their station had. The question was something like, “Even though the Sox are out if it, do you have any interest in the Yankees series since the Sox have a chance to be a spoiler?” It’s a fair question. Is the role of “spoiler” even close to the role of “contender?” No. Of course not. But, there’s a role there that could add interest to a series. That’s not the part that was weird. What was weird is when they were discussing the current results.

They mentioned with surprise that some people were texting answers along the lines of, “I can’t stand this team. I’m not watching any more games this year, no matter what.” The fact that the hosts were “surprised” at this response made me wonder. Who was the bigger EEIdiot?

Was it the hosts? Were they really surprised that everyone didn’t fall lockstep behind them when they ran all the talented players out of town? Is this like when they tell people whether to boo, or not boo, a returning star at Fenway, and then act amazed everyone didn’t listen to them? Is it them being out of touch like they were when Manny wasn’t traded and received that huge ovation when he was inserted into a game as a pinch hitter? Are they actually surprised that some people want to see talented players on the field? Are they actually surprised that clubhouse antics don’t matter when we’re trying to watch a team win? Are they blinded by their own hype?

Or is it the callers and poll voters? Are they hypocrites? Have they been screaming all year to blow it up, but are now complaining because the team is no good? Have they been wanting nothing to do with talented, although bland, stars, but now don’t want to see the personalities lose? Is running out a ground ball to first not actually the key to watching games? Did they honestly think they could have it both ways? Did they really think “flexibility” is the same as “ability?”

So, I can’t decide what those poll answers were trying to tell us. Was it the hosts, or the callers?

Who are the bigger EEIdiots?

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