Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thank Goodness for Bobby V

Once again, I have to apologize at the start of a post. There’s just too much going on in my head right now to organize things the way I’d like to. So, if this ends up as a random collection of outbursts…oops.

Bobby V has gotten himself into a little media-created hot water again. He fulfilled the dreams of many Red Sox fans by saying he’d like to bop a talk radio host. Wouldn’t we all? Oddly, he’s been roundly criticized for this “threat.” Wait. Maybe that’s not all that odd. He’s being criticized in the media for an attack on the media. Now it makes sense. Otherwise, I was stumped. When Valentine made his joke a while ago with Will Middlebrooks, Curt Schilling went on the radio and blasted Bobby. He said that if Bobby had said that to him, he’d have punched him. This was used as proof that Bobby was in the wrong. Now, when Bobby wants to smack a radio host, shouldn’t it be proof that the media is in the wrong? Silly me.

I admit, I was confused by the amount of media backlash on Valentine for a while. If I remember correctly, he was pretty well supported by the media when he started out. Then I remembered. They were excited by the storyline. They touted that he’d stir things up, and say anything. In other words, they were simply setting the scene for them to invent stuff. They were telling us right up front. “This guy is good theater. He’s going to be crazy.” They were giving themselves a license to print whatever they want. Now, they’re taking advantage of all that front work.

In other news, the incredible support of Quotes Pedroia is continuing. I heard a caller to a station today suggest that he was a poison, and needed to go. That would seem to follow the media’s own guidelines. No matter the talent, if they’re poison, ship them out. But, oh no. That rule doesn’t apply if you give the media members great one-liners like “laser show.” They jumped right to his defense. After all, they said, he'll learn from this and should grow as a person from all the problems he’s caused this season. Just like they all said Beckett would grow from the problems they claimed he caused last season? Then, they dropped the hammer. Look at how he’s playing, they said. It shows a lot about his character that he’s performing so well even though the Sox are out of the playoffs. It’s a true leader that does well when the games are so meaningless. Huh? What? Haven’t they been screaming that Gonzalez was soft because he didn’t produce when it counted? He only hits home rune when they don’t matter? Wasn’t that his lone fault? I’m confused by the reversal. What’s different between Beckett, Gonzalez, and Quotes? Oh right. Beckett and Gonzalez didn’t make their jobs easier. That’s why they wouldn’t grow from their experiences, or why they weren’t leaders when they produced only when it didn’t matter.

It’s all so obvious.


  1. Sometimes we don't agree this time we do.

    I can't stand the Pete A fluff posts about Bobby V he writes about twice a week.

    I've started to ignore just about all of the Boston media writers. The only one I make sure to read now is Finn when he does write about the Sox. I think because it isn't his job specifically to write about them he writes more as a fan than the others.

  2. What really bugs me are the collective posts/columns that have become common. They try to copy Gammons's Diamond Notes style. But, they seem to feel it allows them to write "Adrian Gonzalez sure is grumpy" without the need for any context, or back-up information. They think they're just free to stir things up.


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