Sunday, August 12, 2012

List of 36: Things I Don’t Care About…No Matter What the Media Thinks

1. If Bobby Valentine says “hi” to his pitching coach
2. If Clay Buchholz goes to a charity event
3. If Curt Schilling has an opinion
4. If Adrian Gonzalez storms off the field
5. If Jon Lester has something to drink in the clubhouse
6. If Carl Crawford wants to bat second
7. If Josh Beckett plays golf on his off day
8. If Bobby Valentine invented the wrap
9. If Dustin Pedroia opens his mouth
10. If Jon Lester eats in the clubhouse
11. If Bobby Valentine knows where Jacoby Ellsbury is every second
12. If Josh Beckett talks to the media
13. What Buster Olny “thinks.”
14. If a player talks to management
15. If Ben Cherington wanted to hire Bobby Valentine
16. If they think the sellout streak is “real”
17. If John Henry owns a soccer team
18. If Terry Francona talks to Cody Ross in the clubhouse
19. If John Henry wanted Carl Crawford
20. If John Henry wanted Bobby Valentine
21. If Josh Beckett eats in the clubhouse
22. If injured players sit in the dugout
23. If Terry Francona talks to Kelly Shoppach in the clubhouse
24. If John Henry owns a NASCAR team
25. If Dustin Pedroia goes all out
26. If Terry Francona talks to Dustin Pedroia in the clubhouse
27. If Bobby Valentine was mean three months ago
28. If Bobby Valentine was mean a year ago
29. If John Henry goes to the Olympics
30. If Adrian Gonzalez makes a lot of money
31. If Bobby Valentine likes Kelly Shoppach
32. If Larry Lucchino goes to London
33. If Carl Crawford makes a lot of money
34. If Jacoby Ellsbury makes a rehab start
35. If Youkilis was a grinder
36. If John Henry owns a television network

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