Sunday, August 5, 2012

I Scored!

May 7, 2000

The first thing I thought when I look at this scorecard was “bleh.” I know that every time I look at one of these old teams, I think goodness that the current Red Sox roster looks like it does. This game was especially so.

Look down at that pitchers spot. Was this team “Pedro and some other pitchers” or what? Fassero? Garces? Cormier? Lowe? This was even early in Lowe’s all-star closer season. So, it’s not like he was a focal point.

And that line-up. Nomar wasn’t in the starting line-up. Carl Everett as the main draw? Unbelievable.

But, it didn’t matter. The Sox took it to the Devil Rays, and pulled out the victory. They got people on base, and knew what to do with them when they got there. The pitchers were just effective enough. The game had plenty of action, which is a good thing.

Player of the game? I’ll go with Crazy Carl Everett. His three-run home run gave the Sox the last run that they needed. Plus, the fact that he was the DH, but ended up in the field gave the game a little twist of strategy. I could have said Trot Nixon. His homerun tied the game early, and was part of their first big inning. Really, plenty of players had great games. That’s what happens when you score nine runs.

The goat? Andy Sheets. Nomar’s replacement was no replacement at all. Heck, Nomar had a better game in his one pinch-hitting opportunity that Sheets did in his four at-bats. He did advance a runner with a flyball. But, if that’s your highlight, it says quite a bit about your game.

The Sox got the win, though, which is all that really matters. The offense had a good day to cover for the fact that it wasn’t a Pedro start. The game was close until the end. Derek Lowe went more than an inning for the save. A fantastic finish.

And the scorecard shows how it happened.

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