Friday, August 31, 2012

Here are the Finalists…Vote for Your Favorite!

The contest entry period for the August contest is over. We have the finalists who have a chance to win the wonderful prize. All we need to do now is see which picture gets the most votes from you, the readers. Ready to see the entries?

First, we start with loyal reader and contributor Bryanne. She took her picture with the logo during a break from dinner. Here she is:

Next is our June winner, Steve. He hopes to be a repeat champion with his entry, a picture of him (well, his thumb at least) and the Hood blimp. Here he is:

Finally we have an entry from blog reader Alexis. She sent a great picture of her enjoying a game. (She's the one on the right) You’ll notice she hopes to steal some votes by including Bryanne in her entry. Clever tactic. Here she is:

So, there are the entries. Which one do you like the best? There will be three different ways to vote.

First, you can vote by leaving a comment on this post saying which picture you’re voting for: Bryanne, Steve, or Alexis. To be fair, I’ll only allow one anonymous vote for each entrant to count.

Second, I’ll place a poll on my sidebar where you can select a winner. That allows you to make a vote without having to tell everyone whom you prefer.

Finally, I’ll create an album for the contest entries on the Section 36 Facebook page Albums. You can vote by “liking” the photo you like the best. (While you’re there, you can “like” the page itself!)

Technically, since I can’t really stop you, you could vote for your favorite picture all three ways to stack the votes. Feel free to vote for more than one entry, as well.

I’ll allow votes until 8:36 PM on Monday September 3, 2012. Then, I’ll add the totals from the three voting methods to decide the winner. So, vote early, vote often, and spread the word!

Good luck Finalists!

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