Friday, October 7, 2011

Trade With Trey!

When I made my offer of hits for trade for Red Sox cards, I had several bites. One was from Trey of Rants, Reviews, and Fandom fame. I was happy to engineer a swap for this beauty.

And, beauty it is. Look at the crispness of that card. The swooping design enhances the image. So often wild card designs draw too much attention to themselves. Not in this case. In this case, it may also take your eye away form the airbrushing job. The airbrushing isn’t too bad, really. They used the wrong number on his wristbands. It was only after spotting that error that I even noticed the airbrushing on the rest of the uniform. That’s a job well done.

It’s a great looking card, and will find a prime spot in my Red Sox collection.

Thanks Trey!

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