Monday, October 10, 2011

Pitchers of Beer

So, as expected, small bits of trouble have leaked out of Red Sox World Headquarters. People are desperate to find out what happened to the all-powerful Red Sox. One of the items that has raised some eyebrows is the idea that a few of the starting pitchers had beer in the clubhouse during games that they weren’t starting. I for one am amazed. I’m completely amazed that anyone cares.

I admit I don’t have all the information. As many times as I ask, the Red Sox won’t let me into the clubhouse during games. Or, any other time for that matter. But the only bits of information I have simply say that they were drinking beer. It mentions nothing of excess drinking. I have not heard a report of John Lackey throwing up in other player’s lockers. To the best of my knowledge, Jon Lester was never found passed out on the floor when everyone else filed into the clubhouse after a tough loss. I don’t think Francona ever had to shoo a stumbling Josh Beckett back to the clubhouse before he urinated all over the dugout. They were simply adults enjoying a beverage during the game, correct? I’ve been to Red Sox games at Fenway. I’m trying to remember if I’ve ever seen anyone in the stands enjoying an adult beverage during the game. I’m thinking I remember a person or two. So, there’s clearly nothing wrong with enjoying a beer while watching a Red Sox game. Do the Red Sox officially discourage the consumption of adult beverages? Well, I’m trying to think of a bigger sign in Fenway Park than the Budweiser sign over the right field roof. I’m going to guess that the Red Sox organization is on board with grabbing some Buds. So, the Red Sox pitchers were involved in an activity that just about everyone else in the Park was involved in, that the Red Sox practically endorse. And the problem is…?

But, I’ve heard, they should have been in the dugout. They should be building a team, not slinking away in the clubhouse. But, doesn’t just about the entire team make its way back to the clubhouse during the game at some point? I’ve heard many stories that started with “I went back to the clubhouse, and so-and-so was there…” Don’t players go back to the bathroom, or to change a shirt, or something? Doesn’t David Ortiz go back to the clubhouse to watch video of his previous at-bats to prepare for his next one? Doesn’t The Great Mariano Rivera take a nap in the clubhouse during every game? I’ve never heard that any of those people should be in the dugout. This isn’t Little League. I don’t need to see the whole team at the dugout fence cheering for the batter.

So, basically, there have been reports of some pitchers doing something that everyone else does. Umm, OK.

Why do I care?

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  1. As much as I don't care that they were drinking beer.... they were still on the clock. I'd get in a ton of trouble if I was caught drinking on the job.... no matter how many people around me were doing it.


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