Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy 36th!

Today we wish a very happy 36th birthday to BOTH Andy Dominique and Marco Scutaro! Two players get birthday wishes today. One, a former Sox, and one a current team member…assuming an option is picked up.

Andy Dominique was a catcher on the 2004 team. I assume that means he got a World Championship ring. Pretty cool! But, as far as the Red Sox go, that’s all he has. As the third catcher behind Varitek and Mirabelli, his playing time was naturally limited.

Marco Scutaro has had a different career with the Sox. He was signed as a free agent following a solid year in Toronto to be the Red Sox shortstop. He has been in a somewhat constant battle with the potential of Jed Lowrie. While Scutaro has played steadily, he has had to fight to keep his spot. Only injuries to Lowrie have let him keep a firm grasp on the starting job he probably has deserved all along. In the infamous 2011 collapse, Scutaro was one of the few bright spots, consistently putting up the numbers you’d expect him to. Going into the 2012 season, his option is a big question. If he comes back, is he the starter? Do the Sox shop Youkilis knowing Scutaro could replace him? He’s a great guy to have on a team since he can fill many roles. It’ll be interesting to see which one he ends up in.

Happy 36th Birthday Andy Dominique and Marco Scutaro!

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