Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Momentum is…

The next day’s starter.

Which is exactly why the four-game winning streak means nothing if your starter gives up seven runs. Although, if the starter gives up seven, but the Sox score seven runs, am I allowed to be annoyed at the bullpen for giving up the two runs that were the difference? Hopefully tonight’s starter will switch that momentum back the way it should be. It was a weird start from Lackey. He had been looking good lately in games not played in a monsoon. So, it was disheartening to see yesterday’s pummeling. I wonder if he was thrown off by the goofy hat he was wearing.

I guess I understand the concept of the goofy hat gimmick. If the Sox wear it in the game, they can sell it in the stores as an “official” alternate hat. It’s the same reason all the players on every team wear the same sweatshirts for the season. If it’s official, it sells better. I just don’t see why it matters all that much, especially with hats. If I walk into my local sporting goods store, there are approximately 50 gazillion styles of Red Sox hats. There are the official ones, some fairly attractive “other” versions, and some hideous vomit inducers. I generally assume that when buying a hat, it comes down to a choice between the standard navy with red B, and everything else. Having one goofy hat worn in a game doesn’t make it less goofy looking, or any more appealing. Does MLB really see an increase in sales because of an “official” designation?

Speaking of momentum, it sure had a shift there after sweeping Houston. For all the complaining about losing the DH. For all the shifting of personnel to compensate for the lack of a DH. For all the pathetic line-ups that actually saw the light of day, thanks to the lack of DH. The Sox ended up winning the road trip 5-4. Suddenly, doesn’t look so bad after all.

Another bright note is that Derek Jeter finally returned to the Yankees line-up. As expected, the Yankees promptly lost the game. So, Jeter’s appearance in the line-up does two wonderful things. First, it makes the line-up and the defense weaker. Always a good thing from where I sit. Second, every hit he manages to luck into gets him one step closer to 3000. Once he reaches it, we can stop being inundated with constant updates as he nears it. We can just go back to wondering when Girardi will finally just bench him and put everyone out of our misery. On a related note, remember all the outrage during the off-season when Cashman suggested Jeter may have to move to the outfield before the end of his contract? How dare they remove him from his position? Well, he may end up having to stay at short. He can’t move to the outfield any time soon.

Which current outfielder would he be an improvement over?


  1. great news about jeter. jeter losing is so much better than jeter being injured.

  2. I have to say, I have been fearing a career ending injury before he gets to 3000. Then, not only would people go on and on about how he would/should have 3000...they'd probably drone on that he would have had 4000 if healthy. Maybe even the record.

  3. The media will never stop talking about Jeter. After he gets to 3,000, you will get inundated with recaps of every single hit he ever had... for the rest of his career.


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