Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I Wish I Had a Telescope

I was having a lot of trouble seeing any stars with the naked eye last night. Is it me, or was it a particularly weak class of stars in last night’s contest? I don’t even mean all the stars that “skipped” the game, since everyone but the Yankees showed up even if they weren’t playing in the game. But, during the introductions there was nobody I went “Oh good, I can see him” in the game. Am I just so out of touch with the league beyond the Red Sox that there was a changing of the guard? Or does the fact that the leading vote getter in the game is a player from Toronto who has had exactly one good year prove that it’s slim pickings out there? Where are all the Hall-of-Famers? I can’t think of anyone in the game who is a lock. Or, even a probable. Most of them are off to great starts. But, nobody I remember would get a vote if they retired tomorrow. Did I miss someone? Even the stars I was used to seeing weren’t there. No Pujols, Ichiro, Pedroia, Kinsler, Longoria, or Wright. Was Adrian Gonzalez the best player in the game? Maybe Hamilton or Tulo? Other than that? Anybody? It was weird, and disappointing.

If everyone is so intent on making it count, why don’t they broadcast the game like it counts? (For the record, I have no problem assigning home field advantage to the winner of the game. It has to be decided some way. Might as well be this one. And, it’s no worse than alternating between leagues like it used to.) Did we really miss pitches last night so Mark Grace could give an awkward interview to Justin Timberlake in a pool? Really? The game’s the other way guys.

Not that the game has to be all seriousness. I thought the double Molina hit off Perez was a perfect example. I have no doubt that the two former teammates were competing as hard as they could. But, they can certainly have a good laugh when one gets the better of the other. It’s a game, after all.

The All-Star game did not affect Josh Beckett. He was just warming up. He’d have to warm up wherever he is. Heck, he warmed up just the other day. So, this is not a reason for stars not to go to a game. You know what a reason would be? Jose Bautista sliding into the fence to make a catch on a foul ball. If he does that and breaks his ankle in an exhibition game, that’s beyond annoying.

It was great to see Adrian Gonzalez get a home run last night. Cano can win the derby. Gonzalez will use his home runs when they count. It was even nicer to see it come off a Phillies pitcher. That could be useful when the Sox face them again in October.

Anyone else notice the number on the back of the AL starting pitcher?


  1. How could you overlook Halladay? I'd argue he's on his way to induction in Cooperstown.

    Still, the game seemed "off" this year. The star power just wasn't there, as you mentioned.

    I muted the broadcast after the first inning and listened to the ESPN Radio call. They at least talked about the game on the field.

  2. I did overlook Halladay, He's probably on his way to the Hall.

    Speaking of Phillies I forgot...didn't see Utley or Howard in the game last night. Two more stars that weren't on the team.


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