Friday, June 5, 2009

Taming the Tigers

Just a few quick thoughts about the Sox sweep in the motor city.

I already talked about Tuesday’s game, and Dice-K’s usual performance. It wasn’t pretty, but a win’s a win. End up with 95 at the end of the season, and you’re in the playoffs.

Josh Beckett’s performance on Wednesday was great to see. That’s now quite a few great games that Beckett has strung together. It’s about time that Beckett started pitching like the ace he’s supposed to be. I’m starting to expect these kinds out outings from him again, and that’s always a good sign for the Sox.

When there’s a no-hitter going, I would think that the announcers have a duty to mention it. It’s not their job to play into superstitions, unless it affects the opposing team. I remember once when an opposing pitcher was no-hitting the Red Sox during a game, and the announcers took it upon themselves to talk about it every three seconds or so.

Strange line score last night. It ended up 6-3. The Sox scored all six of their runs in a single inning, and the Tigers scored all of their runs in a single inning. Makes for a nice clean ballgame.
Would someone please remind Papelbon that he doesn’t need to make it interesting every game? Maybe it’s time to mention him that “heart attack” closers don’t get the record setting contracts he looking for. If he wants the big money, he needs to start striking everybody out again. I would bet that the Sox have at least three other guys in the ‘pen that can allow a hit and a walk in an inning to close out a game.

Wakefield continues to give the Sox everything they need from him. He’s on quite a little run of his own. Can’t imagine a number four starter in the league I’d rather have. Suddenly, it’s not so obvious that he’ll be retiring anytime soon. The logjam in the rotation is going to get interesting, not only this season, but apparently for a couple more. When exactly does a spot open up for the young guys? Maybe it’s time to use them to overwhelm the Marlins in a Ramirez deal. (Buchholz, Bard, Anderson and Lowrie?)

Every time I see that dirt stripe from the pitchers mound to the plate in Detroit, I just ask, “Why?”

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