Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday Already?

Another Monday, and another off day for the Sox. To fill the time, here are a few thoughts I have floating around my head.

It’s a credit to Theo that the Sox stand four games ahead in the division. The Number three starter has been useless, and they’re on their third string shortstop. The Designated Hitter was a Designated Out for much of the season. But, still they have a significant lead. It makes me wonder what’s possible from here on out.

Speaking of the number three starter… Dice-K went on the DL again. I never know what to make of these things. Naturally, I’m not involved in the internal meetings for the Sox. Nor do they usually send me the minutes to those meetings. I have to wonder what the plan/hope is here. Do the Sox really think he’s hurt enough to go on the DL? Is the shoulder thing an excuse to get him out of the rotation for a while to work on his mechanics? If he’s really “hurt”, does this make penny less expendable? What do they really believe up there? Is this a month break on the DL until the trading deadline? This gives both Smoltz and Penny a chance to show what they really have. If the Sox claim Dice is on the DL, their bargaining position improves when trying to trade Penny. They can get a better deal if they can say they don’t need to make a move than they could when Penny was the 6th man and taking up a needed roster spot.

Is there anything better in baseball than having a four game lead, heading INTO a 3-game series against the Nationals? It’s amazing to me sometimes that one major league team can be so bad. The number of times I’ve seen a random Red Sox starter throw a gem, or some hitter have the game of his life makes me think that it has to happen for the Nat’s occasionally. Where are all those games?

Who would have guessed that the Tim Wakefield start would be the longer of the weekend games? Saturday’s game was absolutely cruising. It’s amazing how crisp games can be when there’s quality pitching to be had. Beckett’s season is starting to get a little more consistent. He’s reaching the point where I’m expecting a good outing from him. For a while there it was more of possible than probable in my mind.

Should be a fun week.


  1. These are all profound questions. My head is spinning. But I tell you this, sir. The law of averages eventually will help the Nats.

  2. Eventually, dumb luck has to go their way. Hopefully it won't be during the next three games, however.

  3. It is not dumb luck that they have the worst collection of starting pitching since Mike Maroth led the 2003 Tigers to 43 wins. Lannon is pitching better than Maroth did so there is hope for at least 44 wins.


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