Monday, June 29, 2009

The Machine Keeps Rolling

Another road series, and another series win. What more could I ask for? Sure, it would have been nice to squeak out yesterday’s game as well. But, a 4-2 road trip is a really nice start. All the Sox need to do is win once of the games in Baltimore to have a successful trip. Even with Yesterday’s loss, and the Mets decision to lie down like dogs, the Sox still enjoy a three game lead in the East. Apparently, the Mets realize that if they lose the games now, it’s not choking. Maybe the fans will get off their backs a bit if instead of chokers, they’re just a lousy team. After the current road trip, the Sox have a nice long home stand. That should be fun.

I usually don’t get caught up in a player’s numbers against a specific team. I don’t care what Kevin Youkilis’s batting average is against Tampa Bay. It’s not like the old days where over a five-year span most of the teams had the same players. With the turnover rate of today’s teams, numbers against a certain uniform are irrelevant. That makes Josh Beckett’s domination of the Braves all the more interesting. The Braves have been a pretty good team lately. But, in the last few years, they have done nothing against Beckett. This last meeting was even more impressive since it came about a week after his previous meeting. Usually the more often a team sees a pitcher, the more they can hit him. It didn’t appear to be the case with Beckett. It’s too bad he doesn’t get to face them again this season.

Brad Penny had another game where he pitched pretty well, but didn’t get a win. I assume that trade value isn’t affected by the win-loss record. But, it would be nice to see him getting a W now any then. He’s been pitching a lot better than the record would indicate.

What is up with Wakefield? I know the knuckler has a way of running hot and cold. But, it’s been running pretty hot lately. Some people will look at his ten wins and say it’s a function of his run support. But, he hasn’t needed many of the runs he’s gotten. He’s just been mowing people down left and right. If he doesn’t land on the All-Star team this year, there’s something wrong with the system…more than usual.

This is probably more than Theo dared hope for at the beginning of the season. But, the Sox are going into Baltimore for a three game series, and are throwing Jon Lester, John Smoltz, and Josh Beckett. Is that even fair? Lester and Beckett are showing signs of being the co-aces we all hoped they’d be. If the Smoltz of his last inning shows up, as opposed to the one of his first, the birds don’t stand a chance.

I’d like to send out Birthday Wishes to two former Sox players today, Duane Wilson, and Peter Hoy. They have the honor of sharing a birthday with yours truly. Happy Birthday!

Bring on Baltimore!

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