Thursday, October 4, 2018

Not Wild Enough

So, basically nothing that I wanted to happen last night happened. Going into the Yankees-A’s game, there were a few specific things I was pulling for.

An A’s victory. Duh. I will always hope the Yankees lose. Especially in this game since I really wasn't looking forward to a five game series against NY. Mostly because I'm already dreading the slanted coverage of the series. But also because in the playoffs basically any team can beat another one (which is why it might be the dumbest way ever to crown a champion) and I'd rather have the A’s advance to the ALCS than the Yankees.

I was hoping for extra innings. Like, a lot of extra innings. Like record breaking bullpen busting extra innings. I wanted whichever team won to have to throw so many innings that they needed to use some of their starters for multiple innings each. I'm not proud. I don't mind beating a team that's severely depleted.

A brawl. Yeah, that would have been nice too.

But, none of that happened. The Yankees cuised to a fairly easy victory and should be in decent shape come Friday when they show up at Fenway. Damn.

Not that it really matters in the end. The Red Sox have shown that they can beat the Yankees. In fact, they did better against them than against the A’s. Especially if you ignore the last series (maybe two series?) when the Red Sox weren't even trying. There's no reason to think that the Red Sox won't win the series convincingly and move on to the championship.

Ok, well, no reasonable reason. Of course you can come up with a reason the Sox will lose.  The bullpen could blow seven saves. The starters could give up seven runs. Mookie could strike out seven times. But, those things could happen to anyone. They could happen just as easily to the Yankees. Even easier in some cases. (Seriously, give odds on a batter striking out seven times...who's higher: Mookie, JD, Judge, or Stanton)

But if you do that silly checkmark thing where you compare the two reams, a lot more of the check marks end up on the Red Sox side. Going into a series, that's all you can hope for. The rest is just the way the cookie crumbles.

We'll see how it goes tomorrow!

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