Thursday, August 10, 2017

What’s Your Name?

As part of an upcoming MLB-wide “Players Weekend” event, the Red Sox unveiled some special uniforms yesterday. Players will be wearing jerseys with their nicknames on the back, instead of their last names. (Or, in the case of the Red Sox home uniforms, no names at all.)

I’m trying to think of a more god awful idea.

Now, I’m not one of those purist types. I’m not aghast at the idea of putting names on the back of the home uniforms. Honestly, the only thing I like about not having names on the uniforms is that it makes them cheaper, and more fun to carry over from year to year. A Josh Beckett jersey becomes a Koji jersey becomes a JBJ jersey.

I also don’t mind the alternate jerseys. I’m not automatically bothered if the Red Sox don’t wear the red and white. I even really like the throwback jerseys. Now, I agree that they’ve been doing it way too much lately. With the throwback jerseys, and the MLB-wide holiday jerseys. It seems like the classic jersey is the alternate.

What bothers me is that the nickname jerseys are just…how do I put it…stupid. 

If it’s part of a “Players Weekend”, does this mean players have been asking for this? Has Mookie Betts been begging the Red Sox to let him wear “Mookie” on the back of his uniform? I don’t think so. It’s forced. Players are picking nicknames that are never used. They’re picking nicknames that are just odd. Simply because everyone is forced to pick a nickname. 

Why? Simply to sell more jerseys.

Sure, I know that the whole point of any alternate jersey is to sell more in the team store. But, at least have a reason for it. Make a jersey celebrating a championship team. Or honoring a great cause. Don’t make a jersey with crazy stripes just to make a jersey with crazy stripes. There are so many great things you could do with a jersey. Why do this?

Why make MLB the XFL?


  1. Most of the jerseys are bad, and my Tigers are just plain ugly.

    1. Good point. I sort of glossed over just how ugly the uniforms themselves are.

  2. I think what's bugging me the most is that it is billed as the players' thing, but every team is doing the same thing, so obviously the players don't have much say in it....


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