Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Everyone is a Winner!

When I posted my latest contest, I thought this might happen. OK, I'll be honest. I hoped this might happen. That was one of the reason I made the entries to the contest both hidden and easy. It allowed me the chance to do this if I so desired.

Everyone who entered won!

It just happened to work out that there were limited entries, and they all selected different teams! So, why not reward them all?

So, if you entered, I'll be in touch! Or, even better, drop me your email so I know how to get you your package!

Oh, and double credit to RAZ for leaving his entry requesting Astros cards on a post about the Astros!

Congrats to all who entered! You're all winners to me!


1 comment:

  1. I picked the Sox on mine did that count?
    Just in case my email is tomporay@hotmail.com

    Cheers and thanks for the opportunity


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